The Point

I have spoken to several of you over the past few months — socially distant, of course. You’ve poured out your feelings over financial challenges, family losses and doubts for the future. I share your concerns. My family has been touched by these difficulties too. Now, deep in my heart, I feel it’s time to turn the page and create a new strategy for how we’re going to move forward.

At the Credit Union we have a plan for what comes next. It involves sharpening our forecasts for what the economy holds. We do this to have a better grasp on what reserves and assets are needed to serve you. The plan also includes an intentional focus on you. We’re rooted in serving local government employees, officials, volunteers and your families.

Finally, the Credit Union plan digs deep to discover new resources to help you weather the next financial storm. We want to help you rebuild your savings, credit and community.

Start making a plan today for your tomorrow

So, how do you build your plan? Start with what didn’t work in this recession. If you found you didn’t have a big enough nest egg when the pandemic hit, your first bit of business is to find ways to create a larger savings fund. Enough savings helps us withstand financial blows.

There are two basic ways to save money — spend less or make more. If you have some flexibility in your time, look for money-making opportunities and sock away the excess.

Spending less often starts with looking at every expense in your household and seeing where you can cut back a little. When added up, you may find you can put aside more for the next rainy day.

This is what happens in the Smith household. I figure every bill or statement is an opportunity to save money.

A bigger savings account is just the beginning. Email us so we can help you get ready for a better financial future!